Top 10 Luggage Brands

What Are the Top 10 Luggage Brands

There are a lot of options available when it comes to luggage. With several unique styles, sizes, and materials, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed. To help you narrow down your decision when it comes to buying a well-made set of luggage, we have independently reviewed some of the best luggage brands and picked our favorites.

We divided the top 10 luggage brands into their best overall category for each brand since different brands may cater to the needs of specific subsets of travelers. If you’re researching what is a good luggage brand and what is a good brand for luggage sets, this list is a great start! Then dig in to the more detailed reviews of each brand.

Photo courtesy Samsonite

Best Overall Luggage Brand: Samsonite

Cost: $$

Samsonite is a well-respected and well-known brand that got its start in Denver, Colorado. If you have ever wondered, is Samsonite luggage good, simply look at the company’s history. Samsonite has been making bags for more than 100 years. They have a full range of travel luggage, backpacks, and accessories for any budget.

Samsonite continues to be at the forefront of the travel industry with their updated luggage designs. For excellent quality from a reputable brand at affordable prices, Samsonite is our pick for the best overall luggage brand. Plus, their luggage is available nearly everywhere!

Photo courtesy American Tourister

Best Budget Luggage: American Tourister

Cost: $

American Tourister is a well-known brand that’s been in business sine 1933. They are recognizable for using playful designs on their luggage. Their unique designs feature whimsical characters and art that you will not find on luggage from any other company. Along with the fun designs, American Tourister also offers affordable luggage to suit any budget. Even though their luggage is affordable, they did not skimp on quality. Every bag comes with a 10-year limited warranty making American Tourister our choice for the best budget luggage.

Photo courtesy Away

Best Value Luggage: Away Luggage

Cost: $$$

Away is a new company that started in 2015. The company is a female-backed startup that has been making major moves in the travel industry since they launched. They offer a direct-to-consumer sales approach, which allows them to drastically reduce retail markup. The company focuses on simplicity by offering luggage that is thoughtfully designed. Away offers a rare lifetime warranty, making them the best value for the money on our list of top luggage brands.

Photo Courtesy Briggs & Riley

Best Luggage Warranty: Briggs & Riley

Cost: $$$$

Briggs & Riley, established in 1993, focuses on high-quality luggage and travel bags that are built to last. Like Away, the company backs up their line of suitcases with a unique lifetime warranty. The company promises replacement or repair if your luggage is ever damaged or broken. For top-of-the-line luxury bags that should last for decades, Briggs & Riley is our top choice.

We edged them out over Away because of their history of great customer service and length of being in business.

Photo courtesy Victorinox

Most Durable Luggage: Victorinox

Cost: $$$$

Victorinox is a brand that is well known, not for its luggage, but for its collection of culinary knives. The company has been in business since the late 1800s and gained worldwide popularity when they invented the original Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox has been designing luggage that is so sturdy that they put each piece through 30 rigorous quality assurance tests before they ever bring it to market. Victorinox luggage is an excellent pick for durable luggage that is made by a company that prides itself most on durability.

Photo courtesy Delsey

Best Style Luggage: Delsey

Cost: $$$

Delsey luggage is easily identifiable at any airport. The brand offers uniquely curved luggage that defines it as a Delsey suitcase. The company began in 1946, and got their start making protective cases for photography equipment. It was around 1970 that Delsey began to manufacture travel luggage. The company has since defined its brand as a style. Their bags are instantly recognizable and a good choice for fashion forward travelers.

Photo Courtesy TravelPro

Best Luggage for Business Travelers: TravelPro

Cost: $$$

TravelPro is the go-to brand for pilots and flight attendants. TravelPro has been manufacturing luggage for major airlines for over 30 years. They offer high-quality bags that are popular for their durable handles and rugged wheels. Unfortunately, TravelPro does not offer their entire catalogue to consumers, they reserve their highest-rated bags exclusively for airline employees. However, a TravelPro bag is still an excellent pick for business travelers that want a tried-and-true piece of luggage.

Photo Courtesy Tumi

Most Innovative Luggage: Tumi

Cost: $$$

Tumi is a company that is guided by 5 principles that they call The Tumi difference. They are: Functional Superiority, Unparalleled Quality, Design Leadership, Customer Service, and Technical Innovation. With Tumi, you can expect high-quality and excellent customer service because it is instilled into their company and their employees. They offer a wide range of functional luggage that also offers several of unique features that you will only find in Tumi luggage. They are leaders in technology and innovative designs, just as their company principles state. Technology enthusiasts and modern trendsetters are sure to find a bag they will love from Tumi.

Photo courtesy Rimowa

Best Luxury Luggage: Rimowa

Cost: $$$$$

Rimowa is a favorite among frequent flyers and elite class business travelers. The company has been in the luggage industry for over 100 years. Their revolutionary aluminum suitcase design was introduced in 1937, and it has become one of Rimowas most recognizable signatures. Rimowa is the best option for travelers looking for the ultimate in stylish, hard-shell, luxury luggage.

Summary of our Top 10 Luggage Brands

We hope these summaries were helpful in your luggage search. Definitely follow the links for any brand you are interested in to see our in-depth reviews and comparisons where we highlight the pros and cons, and dig deeper into the unique (and common) features for each of these top luggage brands.