Luggage FAQ for Carnival Cruises

With 23 ships and approximately 5 million passengers annually, it is no surprise that Carnival Cruise Line is one of the world’s most popular cruise lines. Carnival gained popularity over the past several decades by branding itself as the fun ship. Their cruises are often child friendly and affordable making them a desirable option among cruisers.

With so many passengers every year, Carnival knows how to handle luggage. Like many other cruise lines Carnival has its own set of luggage limitations. If you have decided to book your next cruise with Carnival it is important that you know exactly what you can and cannot bring with you onboard.

Carnival Cruise Line Luggage Policy

Carnival Cruise Line has provided a set of Carnival Help Pages where they outline their luggage restrictions and prohibited items. They recommend one checked bag per person for cruises ranging from 3-5 days. For cruises 6 days or longer, Carnival recommends a maximum of two checked bags per person. Carnival recommends one carry-on per person. Carry-ons should contain important documents, medications, and valuables.

Remember that you are responsible for your own luggage onboard Carnival Cruise Lines. There is no holding area for your bags, they remain in the stateroom with you. Staterooms and cabins are notoriously small, so choosing the right luggage to bring onboard the cruise ship is important. Consider packing light, using nesting suitcases, and bringing collapsible bags to ensure that you are not constantly tripping over your luggage.

Is There a Luggage Weight Limit on Carnival Cruises?

Yes, the weight limit for checked bags on Carnival Cruises is 50 pounds.

What Size Luggage Can I Carry on Carnival Cruise?

Carry-on luggage is subject to screening via an x-ray screening machine. Screening machines have a limit on the size of bag they can screen. Carnival limits checked bags to 16” in height x 24” in width. The length of the bag does not matter but keep in mind, you will be carrying it on board. Staterooms are not always available immediately upon boarding so you may have to hold your carry-on luggage for some time before you will be allowed access to your room.

For expedited check-in and faster access to your cabin, consider purchasing Carnivals Faster to the Fun package. This gives you special benefits when it comes to security, check-in, and boarding. The service ranges in price depending on the number of days for the cruise.

How to Measure Luggage for Carnival Cruise

For the most accurate luggage measurement and weight, pack the bag first. Using a luggage scale is the easiest way to get a weight reading for your luggage. A standard tape measure can be used to measure the dimensions of your suitcase. Follow these steps to measure your cruise luggage at home:

  1. Place the bag on the floor standing upright. Push any telescoping handles all the way down. Measure the height of the bag from the ground to the top of the bag.
  2. Measure the width of the bag from the left side of the bag across the front to the right side of the bag.
  3. The depth is measured from the front of the bag across the side to the back.
  4. Place the bag on a luggage scale to get the weight.

You can use the measurements and packed bag weight to ensure that your bag is within Carnival Cruise Line’s limit of 50 pounds per checked bag and 16” x 24” dimension for carry-on bags.

What is Carnival Luggage Express?

Carnival Luggage Express is a program where Carnival will transfer your luggage from the ship to the airport for you. This service offering is limited to a maximum of 2 bags per person. A fee is assessed by Carnival to use this service. Carnival Luggage Express may or may not still be offered. It is recommended that you check directly with Carnival or your travel agent for more information on the availability Carnival Luggage Express program.

Carnival offers an Express Debark option for debarkation day where guests carry their own luggage off the ship. Otherwise, guests place their luggage outside of their cabins on the last night of the cruise. Luggage is collected and held for delivery upon debarkation.

There may be options for guests with physical disabilities that are unable to carry their own bags. Please check with the cruise ship for options.

How to Use Carnival Luggage Tags

Carnival luggage tags are used to identify your bags and deliver them to your stateroom. These are printed at home or at a copy shop and then attached to your luggage. These tags do not need to be printed in color. Attaching the luggage tags can be done with packing tape or a stapler but this is not the most secure method for attaching luggage tags and we do not recommend it. We suggest purchasing Carnival luggage tag holders for the most convenient and secure way to attach your Carnival Luggage Tags. Luggage tag holders are usually made of plastic and are waterproof, so you can be sure that your luggage tags are protected even when encountering rough weather conditions. These plastic luggage tags attach to your luggage via a plastic cord or metal ring. After printing the Carnival luggage tag at home, you can simply insert the printout into the luggage tag holder. It is convenient and secure. Additionally, Carnival luggage tag holders make it easier to attach new luggage tags for debarkation.