How Many Packing Cubes Do I Need?

The times we are living in are highlighted by innovative products that allow us to save time on things that are usually seen as complicated and stressful. One of those certainly is packing, and although it is a part of the preparation for a beautiful and exciting thing like traveling, for most people it is a huge burden.

Why? No matter how hard you try, it always seems that you didn’t maximize the storage space in your suitcase and that a few more inches of capacity would go a long way. While this is a common problem for many people, there is one product that could be a game changer for you. Yes, we are talking about packing cubes.

Packing cubes have been around for the past few years, and it is quite clear that very soon these will replace the conventional luggage items that we use today. Although you can use them inside a suitcase, packing cubes are great to be used on their own as well, as most come with sturdy handles and a design that fits traveling requirements.

For most people, the biggest question is the quantity of this product — how many they need. In order to make the buying decision easier, we decided to name a few important features, and answer the question of how many packing cubes do I need.

What to Look for in Packing Cubes

As with any product, a good set of packing cubes should include a few different features. First, you want the bag organizers to come with an adequate compression system. Why? Well, the main benefit of packing cubes is that you can organize and effectively pack your clothes, compress the bag, and keep everything neat and accessible. With a proper compression system, you will not need to invest in as many separate cubes.

Along with that, you want these to be expandable and sturdy, able to withstand bulkier items and fit both the folding and rolling packing techniques. Unless you want to buy dozens of packing cubes, you need the few you have to be adjustable according to your needs.

Additionally, the material plays a huge role — one of the main ideas of this product is to save money, and if your packing cubes keep tearing, this idea is not going to be executed. Search for those that are made out of high-quality polyester fabric or ripstop nylon. While they don’t have to be waterproof, a water- and tear-resistant packing cube is always a good choice.

The Number of Packing Cubes You Need

As we mentioned above, how many packing cubes you need is a common question among travel enthusiasts that are interested in switching to this method of clothes organizing. The answer is not simple, as it depends on a number of factors.

The first thing that you need to consider is the purpose and the length of your trip. Is it a vacation or are you going away on a business trip? If we are talking about a trip that is a part of your work routine, one large, one medium, and one small packing cube will be more than enough.

A general clause is that you should fit bulkier items in a larger compression bag, and keep softer clothes in a medium one. Don't forget, it is best to keep electronics and accessories inside a small or a slim packing cube.

On the other hand, longer trips will require more packing cubes. Still, our opinion is that there is no need to invest in more than a set of 8 – two large compression bags, two medium ones, two smaller bags, as well as a laundry bag and a slim tube will be more than enough to cover you for a trip that is a few weeks long.

Remember, the idea is not to overfill your suitcase, but to keep packing as effectively and accessibly as possible.


The number of packing cubes you will be taking on your trip depends on where you are going and how long are you going to stay. A camping trip for a weekend will mean you need to take fewer bags than if you were to engage in a full two-week vacation. Do your research, figure out a packing plan, and don’t forget to enjoy the adventure.

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